Clash of Clans rapidly rising level- how it works

Do you want to quickly ascend in Clash of Clans levels and to the Town Hall level 10?Here are some useful tips and tricks on this topic. We have been playing Clash of Clans for over a few months for Android and iOS and we are still delightedto play this game, as it has a lot to offer and is great fun. Even if one has now already unlocked almost everything, there is always a possibility, thanks to the multiplayer feature, that the Clan Wars will do something and it will never be really boring. But until you are at town hall level 10 and everything unlocked, it may take some time. As we have often been asked how one can ascend in Clash of Clans quickly in the level, we provide you on this subject some tips that you should take especially as a beginner and newcomer to CoC to heart. In the game there is indeed a common thread and one can go up automatically simply by playing on gradually, but if you want to speed up you must adhere to a few things.

Under the following headings we have summarized some tips for fast leveling in CoC. Should you find some important advice on rapid ascent to City Hall Level 10 missing, then contact us with your hints and tricks and we will include them here. Also, we will update this article in the course of time.

Tip 1: complete achievements

In addition to the whole construction work in the village there is the so-called Clash of Clans achievements, which are nothing more than tasks and goals that shall be met. So there are, for example, an achievement called "depressants" and the job here is a total of 2,000 city halls in multiplayer matches to destroy. Although this certainly takes some time to get a whopping reward of 50 jewels and at the same time also provide points. The task was a difficult one. Even if you still have a town hall on Level 3 or Level 4, there are always numerous quests, which give you not only gold and elixir, but also provide points and diamonds. For this reason, our first tip is to be able to ascend fast in Clash of Clans in the Level to regularly take care of the targets in the achievements and to complete the task.

Tip 2 for faster levels: keep construction workers on the move 

Whoever does not build, also cannot go faster. For this reason, you should test your construction workers in Clash of Clans and always keep them on their toes and constantly build any buildings or perform upgrades. Especially in the beginning you can deal with nearly all four construction workers and at the same time as not only to expand the village generally continue and advance, but also earn points and rise faster in Level. Although from Level 70 onwards it can be quite difficult to deal with this at the same time, because one simply has it all, or because the upgrades are becoming more expensive, you can collect a lot of points until then for their own level.

Tip 3: Keep Clash of Clans Resources 

Maybe some already know the trick, if you hold the town hall in Clash of Clans deliberately low in order to ascend quickly in the level and to be able to farm resources in the form of gold, elixir and Cups. Works even if it is no longer as good as before, it is still so, the lower your Town Hall Level in Clash of Clans, the weaker are the opponents and the less resources you have to use in order to win a fight. Of course, even if the units like the opponents are at the available level, one has however already amassed considerable experience and attack strategies, it's not particularly difficult to overrun the base of a new player. Previously it was still quite good levels, in which you have just left his City Hall on Level 4 to Level 7 to farm points. According to experience this doesn’t work so good, it was added here for completeness clash of clans hack.

Do you have any more good advice, to ascend rapidly in the Clash of Clans level and collect a lot of points? How did you proceed and how did you get EXP points quickly? Share with us your strategies and tips on this issue.