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Traditionally may attract you in late summer for a game of FIFA teach kicks. Every year EA Sports tinkers again to the football game, with the aim to surpass the previous edition in detail. FIFA 16 is this time entirely devoted to 'Play Beautiful'. Or the footie a better season than last year it remains to be seen, but we have at least already all known information for you to put a row.
When arriving late September, all football games fans are expectant before the launch of the simulator by excellence. After much waiting, we have in our hands the game Fifa 16. First impressions have been very positive and we can say that we we have a new step ahead of the game from EA Sports. Without a doubt, the Ultimate Team will be one of its star, and to be able to get all the juice, we need the best tricks Fifa 16. If you want to get them, keep reading until the end. In Bioformix, those we bring you all.


When you start to play the new Fifa 16, soon you realize that something has changed. It is clear that the changes are not radical or revolutionary in any aspect,but that we can identify breakthroughs in more subtle points that bring the game to perfection for a soccer game.

The most striking change is the rhythm of the football match. In this new version of Fifa 2016, we see a greater importance in the center of the field. In the game last year, any party could quickly turn into a correcalles without sense, where the only thing that mattered was the speed of your players. Now no: 16 Fifa has changed this and has done so for good. Everything is more leisurely, we need more possession and more touches to be able to break a defense and the same thing happens in our field.


We can see further improvements in the defense. Both the placement and the Organization have become more efficient and Artificial Intelligence has become more decisive in this respect. However, there are other factors that continue to over shadow the advances, as a higher speed of the rival defenses with respect to the attackers.

If we are still analyzing, we still see small imperfections which sports saga drags for years. For example, impact engine continues to provoke foreign shocks and absurd mistakes and centers and head shots remain too effective.

However, these errors seem to point very minor with respect to the overall quality of the game. EA Sports team has put the batteries and each year gives usa much more finished product improved, providing a fantastic experience for the user.

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Career Mode

Good preparation is half the work, the saying goes. New in the career mode, the pre-season tournaments. Like the big teams in it really gives you the opportunity to participate during the summer months at a lucrative tournament. In total there are nine preparatory tournaments in Asia, Europe, North America or Latin America, one of which you can play a season. The prize money add up to the transfer budget.

Training animals is yet another addition in the Career Mode. In FIFA 16 you as a manager weekly train five players to improve their skills. In addition, thanks to the feedback of the FIFA grassroots still some improvements. So you can go outside the transfer window to attract free transfer players, contracts of loan players have been extended to two years and you can exchange unlimited during friendly matches.


Women soccer

EA Sports has caught a first: FIFA 16 introduces female soccer players. There are a total of twelve national women's football teams, including American football players this summer won the World Cup women's football. Of them shall be the faces and movements adapted to female standards. The Belgian and Dutch women, however, shine in their absence. The female soccer players in the Match Day mode, an offline and online tournament friendly matches available. The ladies can otherwise only compete against other female teams.