The tricks of the most popular Instagram users

We all want to get the maximum number of people to see the images captured and went up to our gallery of Instagram. To find out how we can get is critical look at those who have already achieved, and they found the keys necessary to reach people.
That is why today we collect some of the tricks of the most popular Instagram users along with some that we have learned over time. If you get your photos are perfect have to make sure you follow these simple tips.

Tips to get a good picture to Instagram

Since we started using Instagram we have been made aware of what the most popular of the network users and today we share with you some of the tricks we have learned from them at this time.
 1 - Change your view
It is increasingly difficult to get a photograph is original, because the volume of catch which a user may see Instagram along one day is very high. That is why so if you want your photos to the attention of the users have to look at things from different perspectives. Only in this way you can get an everyday thing that catches your eye. To achieve this you must stop and watch carefully what you want to photograph and think how you can catch it from a cooler or surreal view, a point of view from which the human eye normally sees things.
 2 - Find the symmetry
Symmetry is something that has been used throughout history in all artistic disciplines, achieving perfect symmetry helps to increase the attractiveness of an image. Instagram symmetry plays a fundamental role, since the ratio 1: 1 (square) of images of Instagram is perfect for a symmetric capture has even harder.

Symmetrical trick Instagram photos

 3 - Lines and forms
We live surrounded by lines and geometric shapes that have great appeal for photography. Simplifies the frames watching lines that compose them and help yourself to make the image more striking. One of the most common examples is to make the lines match the corners of the image or serve in these ways to get your picture has a natural setting (such as a window, a bow, etc.).
 4 - Any time is the perfect time
Many of the most popular Instagram users are not professional photographers, leaving them little time to take pictures throughout the day. However, thanks to mobile devices can have a camera in our pocket all day so we can use any time to take a picture? We will help you hack someone’s instagram account in 3 easy steps just hit this link how to hack an instagram account. Take this great advantage to capture everything that catches your attention throughout your day, look around you and make the most out of your free time.
 5 - Self-portraits not selfies
Undoubtedly Instagram has become for many the perfect place to share selfies, but such snapshots do not usually have any kind of photographic interest. We recommend that if you want to be the star of your gallery to give him a ride to your self-portraits.
Make your photos are original and maintain a good quality, photographers have always practiced self-portrait, but always from an artistic point of view.

 6 - Take care composition
Get good snapshot is a combination of several factors and the composition of this is one of the most important.
A good composition image you makes your brain is attracted by the catch and not the other. To achieve this you can help yourself to some of the basic rules of photography, such as the rule of thirds. You can also try complex compositions, serving up of the elements of the frame you want to capture and play with them to cause more impact photography.

Trick composition Instagram photos

 7 - Take several photos
Do not think that behind a good picture there is only a moment, some of the most popular igers say that to reach even get photo good enough to upload to their profile have had to make many catches.
Do not be afraid to make 10 photos of the same thing, try different perspectives and keep shooting until you are completely satisfied with the catch.
To make your photos have a good level you should be selective and not settle for the first shot, because although this may be the one you like is always advisable to make several and review them later looking more attractive photography and that best suits your style.
 8 - Find your own style
As in all artistic disciplines, apart from the pack it is essential to get people to notice you. It is therefore very important that inputs a personal style all your images. This is achieved in a natural way, following all the above tips your personal view but contributes to each image, after many catches you surely realize that they all share something, it's your label.
These are some of the tricks of the most popular Instagram users, we hope you find them as useful as they have been for us and remember that although these techniques can serve not pretend you do the same photos that other users, but applying these knowledge to improve your own style.
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